Finding a Good Chiropractor in Bakersfield for Neck Issue

I do not know what is wrong with my back but it feels like one of my cervical vertebrae is messed up, like I have a bulging disc, or something stupid like that. I really hope that it is not that serious, and that it is something that I can get fixed without surgery. That is why I am going to a bakersfield chiropractor to get it checked out tomorrow. I am glad I went ahead and scheduled the appointment, because all day today, it has hurt more and more. It is getting to the point where it is starting to drive me crazy, and I just want to be pain free for once in my life.

Well, that last part was an exaggeration. I have been pain free a lot of times in my life, but I have also lived with this back pain for awhile now. I tried to ignore it for a few months, under the hopes that it would just get better on its own and go away. But that didn’t happen, so I guess I have to take it seriously now.

It seems to be getting worse, instead of better too. So my plan to let it get better on its own definitely backfired. I am kind of disappointed about that, because I really thought it would just get better on its own. But maybe that was just denial on my part. I am not sure, but it definitely did not turn out how I had planned. I am kind of sad about that, but I guess a lot of plans do not go as well as with other people. What is that saying? Something like “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.” That sounds like story of my life, but I am going to stop babbling now.

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