Brown Rice Diet for Weight Loss

Brown rice to diet is a great option for those who need to lose some pounds of weight. Besides, it is also a healthy choice, easy to cook, and always versatile in kitchen. You can lose a lot of pounds after regularly eating brown rice. Have some brown rice served with the other meals in controlled calorie, and then do your exercise routine regularly. You can get weight loss success in this way.

Brown Rice Calories

The key point of weight loss program is how to make your body is deficit of calorie so fat burning will start and you will lose some pounds. Brown rice is relatively high in calorie, but you can get other benefits that make it great option of calorie control diet. In a cup of brown rice to diet, you can have the same calorie as cooked quinoa; it is about 216 calorie. It gives 14% of your total 1,500 calorie need for weight loss. Meanwhile, you get 242 calories from a cup of white rice. It is slightly different, but you can lose fat about 3 pounds by substituting your white rice to the brown in one year. Your other healthy lifestyle for weight loss isn’t counted.

High Fiber in Brown Rice to Support Weight Loss

Based on the Annals of Internal Medicine’s study in 2015, more fiber consumption will make you lose more weight plus the healthy lifestyle. The study was made by allowing the participants to eat fiber sources in significant amounts, then the result is they could lose significant pounds. To get healthy, make sure you consume 30 grams of fiber every day. By entering a cup of brown rice to diet, you can get 10% of the total fiber need or about 3.5 grams. Compared with the 0.6 grams only from the consumption of a cup of white rice.

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